Oversharing is a smart and accessible guide to the most important trends in the gig economy, mobility, and urban policy. It’s written by me, Ali Griswold, a London-based journalist and former reporter for Quartz and Slate. Oversharing readers include venture capitalists, bankers and dealmakers, C-suiters, consultants, academics, and generally anyone interested in the intersection of technology, labor, and urban development. Oversharing provides some of the wonkiest and most in-depth analyses of this space while also being fun to read.

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Andrew Chen@andrewchen

I also highly recommend that you subscribe to @alisongriswold's essays at Oversharing - imho the best mobility-focused newsletter out there - over here: https://t.co/L5x0dhlImv. I've been recommending it for years and lots of Uber and a16z employees are now readers!

July 14, 2018

Cathy O'Neil@mathbabedotorg

Are you subscribed to Oversharing? It’s the only newsletter I read and it’s amazing and it’s written by the hilarious and brilliant @alisongriswold. Sign up here:https://t.co/MZ0bzTyBKk

September 25, 2018