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Alison, great reporting and congrats on your Half Marathon finish. Keep that tote bag... it may be worth a lot one of these days as an epochal marker of an era (hopefully) long gone.

As for Mr. Wenzel, quite the achievement to have left his blitzscaling mark on the trifecta of WeWork, Oyo and Jokr. I'm in absolute awe of Ralf's accounting audacity. Jokr's GPPoaGLfoLBaaooC makes WeWork's Community Adjusted EBITDA look downright puritanical.

I wonder if the hucksters who assured us that a new generation consumers don't have the patience to ___ {FILL IN THE BLANK}, bothered to ask whether this new class of privileged consumers are able and willing to pay the full cost for the luxury to not have to COOK, SHOP, or WAIT FOR ANYTHING.

Dutch-based Picnic is a refreshing reminder that faster isn't always better, particularly if a more deliberative approach allows a transformational restructuring of the entire grocery supply chain. Maybe the focus of your next foodie story?

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