Nov 27, 2022 • 21M

Walt Hickey on telling stories with data and life after Twitter

"It is really valuable to have a more direct conduit and a durable conduit that a billionaire can’t f**k up for you"

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Welcome to another Oversharing Podcast Experience! Walt Hickey is a friend and author of

, a fabulous indie news roundup which also happens to be the only daily newsletter that I actually read. Walt is somehow also senior data editor at Insider, where he was part of the team that won that 2022 Pulitzer in illustrated reporting for this powerful piece on a Uyghur woman who was placed in and escaped a Chinese internment camp.

Walt is a delightful thinker and commenter with a truly vast array of knowledge. In this episode, Walt and I take a break from the sharing economy to talk about telling stories with data, some of my favorite things from recent issues of Numlock, and whether the collapse of Twitter could be good for blogging. You can find Walt on Twitter and of course at his terrific Substack,


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